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Subject: Draft PKI Obstacles survey now online!

The latest draft of our PKI Obstacles survey is now
available online at http://www.pkiforum.org/pkiobstacles.html
Please review it and send comments to the pki-tc list
or bring them to tomorrow's PKI TC meeting.

Feel free to fill out the survey and hit submit. I found
that actually filling out the survey gives a completely
different perspective from writing it. Very interesting!

Note that the URL given above is preliminary and confidential
and will certainly change before we go "live". Please don't
pass it around. Not that there's any great harm, but it's
not "ready for prime time" yet. It needs OASIS graphics
and style. And I'm sure you'll have lots of suggestions.

Thanks to Jeff Lomas of the OASIS technical staff for his
help installing the web page and necessary software on the
PKI Forum machine. Thanks also to Kari Ferlatte of Entrust,
a survey expert who provided many good suggestions for



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