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Subject: PKI TC Meeting Wed May 21 11 AM EDT

This is a reminder that the next meeting of the PKI TC is
scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, May 21, 2003, 11:00 AM EDT
- 12:00 PM EDT (Eastern U.S. Daylight Time). The dial-in info is:

U.S. Tollfree: +1-877-738-6379 
International: +1-706-679-6681 
Conference Code: 908-874-9769

Here's a draft agenda. Please let me know if you have
any other items that we should discuss.

11:00 Roll Call
11:05 Correct and Approve Minutes of April 30 Meeting
11:10 Status Report from Issues Subcommittee
11:15 Discuss test survey now available at http://www.pkiforum.org/pkiobstacles.html
11:25 Review status of Publicity Plan outreach
11:40 Any Other Business
11:45 Adjourn

Please download the minutes from our last meeting and review
them before tomorrow if possible, sending any proposed changes
to the PKI TC email list so that we can proceed efficiently.
John Sabo posted the draft minutes on the PKI TC web site at

If you have an action item relating to the Publicity Plan,
please be prepared to report on the status. The plan is at

Also, remember that you must attend at least 2 of every 3
meetings to remain a Voting Member of the PKI TC. I suspect
that this meeting may end early, so don't be late in calling in.

I'll talk to you tomorrow!



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