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Subject: Delays with PKI TC survey at OASIS

Since May 23 (almost two weeks!), I have been working
to get approval from Carol Geyer of OASIS to post our
revised survey. No major revisions, just the little
things we agreed to on our last concall. But it's
taking forever to get Carol's OK!

First, Carol said the survey was too negative. We
shouldn't focus on obstacles. I convinced her that
was the point of the survey and she said it was OK.
But now the webmaster wants a final OK from Carol
and she has gone to Japan!

I'm sorry about this. I've been pulling my hair out
for more than a week and I'm at a loss for how to
proceed. I'm almost inclined to say we should host
the survey on another web site, since OASIS is being
a lousy host. But I keep thinking that this is just
a minor glitch and will surely be over any minute.

I don't think we can stand much more delay. If we
went live today, our 18 day survey period would end
June 22. And I think we need at least 2 days of testing
before we go live. That takes us dangerously close
to July and August holidays.

Any advice or assistance would be welcome right now.
Can you help me escalate this problem? Or should we
just give up and host the survey elsewhere?



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