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Subject: Survey is up and ready for testing!

I'm delighted to say that our survey is up and ready
for testing! The URL for the survey is


Please bang on the survey today. If all goes well, we
should be ready to go live on Monday. Please let me
know immediately if you find any problems today.

Thanks to the OASIS team for getting this survey posted
on their web site. I didn't realize how much was involved
for them, especially given that this is their first time
hosting a TC survey. And the software is new for them.
I have been educated. Next time, we should involve them
much earlier in the process.

Anyway, our survey is up now. I know about one minor
problem. Question 12 has two "Other" responses. That
should be fixed shortly. And unless we encounter major
problems this afternoon, we should be ready to go!

I'll put together a revised version of our survey invitation
with the final URL given above and send it to the PKI TC
email list this afternoon. Then we can be ready to send
it on to our other lists on Monday. Here's hoping we get
a good response!

Thanks to all,


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