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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Survey is up and ready for testing!

Jeremy Hilton wrote:
> No problems with using the survey - very easy and fast.
> Are we going to get usable results? lets see.
> Unfortunately EEMA have issued their survey and are reluctant
> to send another so quickly.  We should get access to their
> report though.

Thanks for testing out the survey. I ran a bunch of tests
and it seems to be working OK. The typos have been fixed.
The only other change that may be coming is adding OASIS
artwork. We'll see if that happens. And I'll make sure to
test again after it does.

Based on the feedback I have received (all positive) and
the testing I did (also positive), let's go live on Monday.
I will send out a final version of the survey invitation
in a minute. Please send it out on Monday, as described
in our Publicity Plans. Please let me know when you send
it out. I will check off the action items on the Publicity
Plan. For any left on Tuesday, I'll bug the person responsible.

Thanks to all,


P.S. If you run any more tests against the survey, please
put in an email address of test@test.org. That way, we
can strip out those responses when tallying the results.
But we'll be able to test while the survey is live. Thanks.

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