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Subject: Invites going out, survey responses flowing in

Survey invitations have gone out to almost all the
lists in our Publicity Plan. I have uploaded a new
version of the plan to our web site that shows the
latest status. And I have sent reminders to PKI TC
members with outstanding action items, so if you
haven't heard from me you're OK.

So far, we have received 89 responses since we went
live on Monday morning. I have been hoping to receive
at least 100 responses in the entire life of the survey
to ensure that we can do valid correlations. It now
seems almost certain that we will surpass that number.
So I'm delighted with the response!

Thanks to everyone for forwarding the survey to the
proper lists, polishing the survey, etc. Good work!

I'll try to resist posting more updates as the results
come in. But I will send out a final tally on June 23.
And the Survey SC will send out our analysis as soon
as it's ready (probably before July 15).

Thanks again,


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