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Subject: Changes in PKI TC membership

We've had a few changes in our roster of Voting Members
recently. I'd like to acknowledge those. In fact, I just
noticed that I'm supposed to inform the TC within 7 days
after a new Prospective Member joins. So I guess you'll
be seeing more email like this from me. Feel free to ignore
it if you like.

* Clifford Thompson (an Individual member) has advanced
  from Prospective Member status to Voting Member status.
  Welcome, Clifford!

* Jean Pawluk (of VISA International) became a Prospective
  Member on May 31, 2003. Her 60 day waiting period will
  end on July 30, 2003. On that date, she should become a
  Voting Member.

* Phil Griffin (an Individual Member) has resigned. He tells
  me that he's too busy with other matters to participate,
  but he wishes us well.

* I had to revoke Tony Nadalin's Voting Member status for
  failure to attend meetings. As required by the OASIS
  TC Process, I warned Tony when he failed to attend 2 of
  every 3 meetings. When he didn't attend today's meeting,
  I was required to change his status to Observer.

I'm sorry to revoke someone's Voting Member status for
failure to attend meetings since I know we're all busy.
But we have to keep our membership rolls up to date or we
won't be able to achieve quorum and do our work. If Tony
wants to become a Voting Member again, he'll need to go
through the Prospective Member status for 60 days. I have
informed him of this.



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