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So far, I have received 6 responses to this email.
That means that 9 Voting Members of the PKI TC have
not responded.

PLEASE respond ASAP if you have not done so already.
We must decide the date for our September F2F soon
so that facilities can be reserved. But I will not
proceed until I am sure we will have at least a quorum.

I expect that some people are on vacation this week
(and maybe last week too), which explains the slow
response. But soon I will have to start sending out
individual emails and calling out the hounds. ;-)

Please respond ASAP. Instructions and details below.



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: PKI TC F2F in September (RESPONSE REQUESTED)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 13:30:13 -0400
From: Steve Hanna <steve.hanna@sun.com>
To: PKI TC <pki-tc@lists.oasis-open.org>

At today's PKI TC meeting, we agreed that we want to
have a face-to-face meeting (an "F2F", in OASIS jargon)
in September. At this meeting, we will discuss the results
of our recent survey and of the followup survey we are
planning to conduct in August. In particular, we will
review the list of obstacles to PKI deployment and usage
identified by these surveys and discuss and agree on how
these obstacles should be addressed.

We need to agree on a place and time for the F2F. Several
times and places were suggested on today's concall. The
most popular was John Sabo's offer to host the meeting at
a Computer Associates facility close to Dulles Airport
(just south of Washington, DC, USA).

Concall participants (9 of our 15 Voting Members) agreed
that a full day meeting on Friday, September 19 seemed
like the best option. The U.S. Government's Federal PKI
Technical Working Group (FPKITWG) is meeting the day
before in that area, so several of our members will be
there anyway. Another date that seemed good was Monday
or Tuesday, September 29 or 30. We believe that one day
should be sufficient, but it will probably need to be a
full day, running 9-5.

Note that we plan to use a teleconference bridge for the
whole day, but you will miss out on social time and
breakout sessions.

PLEASE send me email to let me know which of these dates
work for you. Respond only to me and I will tabulate the
results and report them to the TC. Since some people are
on vacation this time of year, I will tabulate results
until 3/4 of our Voting Membership has responded or until
noon EDT on Wednesday, July 23, whichever comes first.

TO VOTE: Mark the dates listed below with numbers to indicate
your first preference (1), second preference (2), etc. For
each of these, I will assume that you could attend most or
all of a full day meeting on that date. Add "BY PHONE" if
you would be attending by phone. Mark with "NO" if you cannot
attend on a particular date. If you have a strong preference
for another location, please explain.

Friday, September 19:  __
Monday, September 29:  __
Tuesday, September 30: __

If none of these dates works, we'll try to find another one
that does. Failing that, we'll just do a concall.



P.S. If we have an F2F in September, this will replace our
normal monthly concall that month.

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