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Subject: Date Selected for PKI TC F2F

I have now received information about preferred dates
for our upcoming face-to-face meeting from 10 out of
17 Voting and Prospective Members of the PKI TC.

The most preferred date was Friday, September 19 (the
day after the FPKITWG meeting). Everyone said this
date was at least OK and more people chose this date
as their first choice than any other date.

Therefore, I declare that we have selected September 19
as the date for our face-to-face meeting. Please proceed
with making your travel plans.


John Sabo has reserved a conference room for us at a
Computer Associates facility near Dulles airport. John
will send directions and hotel information later.
The address is:

Computer Associates
2291 Wood Oak Drive
Herndon, Virginia, 20171

Conference Room: 3-27

A teleconference line will be provided for the entire
meeting, although telephone attendees will not be able
to participate in breakout sessions.

Date & Time

As mentioned earlier, the meeting is scheduled for Friday,
September 19, 2003. The meeting will run from 9:00 AM to
4:30 PM with a few breaks for lunch and such. We will also
have an optional social dinner the night before.


The main subject of the meeting (as agreed on our last concall)
will be to review the results of our surveys on Obstacles to
PKI Deployment and Usage and (most important) to discuss and
agree upon an Action Plan for addressing these obstacles.
A detailed agenda will be developed in August.

Meeting Participants

All Voting Members of the PKI TC will be welcome. Others
may come on a space-available basis. The conference room
only seats 12-15 people maximum and I expect that we will
have 10-12 Voting Members attending, so any other OASIS
members who want to attend should contact me or John Sabo
to add their name to a list.

Will we have a quorum for this meeting? Yes, it seems
that we will. We have firm commitments to attend in person
from 6 Voting Members and Maybes from 2. We also have
3 Voting Members who plan to attend by phone. That gives
us at least 9 Voting Members, which is a quorum. If
other folks can attend in person or by phone, that will
help a lot.

Why You Should Attend

1) Meet other PKI TC members face-to-face, building strong
   relationships that will serve us well in our future work.

   In addition to the meeting itself, we will be able to
   socialize informally over dinner the night before and
   at lunch and breaks on the meeting day.

2) Set the agenda for the PKI TC's future work, addressing
   the obstacles to PKI deployment and usage identified
   through our surveys.

3) Also attend the FPKITWG meeting on September 18, meeting
   important figures in the PKI community. For more info, see

For those who can't attend this face-to-face meeting, we will
of course accept suggestions for and comments on PKI TC work
items before and after the meeting. And decisions taken at
the meeting can be reconsidered at later TC meetings if needed.

But those who come to the meeting (or at least dial into it)
will be most involved in the in-depth discussions that will
take place there about the PKI TC's future activities. And
I'm afraid that phone participation is never quite as effective
as a face-to-face meeting. So I encourage you to attend in person
if possible.


Steve Hanna

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