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Subject: Draft follow-up survey available for review

The OASIS staff and the Survey Subcommittee have
done a great job preparing our follow-up survey.
Please review the current draft survey, which is
available at this URL:


Feel free to try it out, if you like. And send
comments to me or to the Survey Subcommittee at
pki-survey@lists.oasis-open.org. Note that we
have already identified several changes that will
be made to the survey in the next day or so. The
list of upcoming changes appears at the end of
this message. But more good suggestions are welcome.

Unless some big problem comes up, we'll go live with
this survey on Monday, August 11 and stay up through
Monday, September 1 (three weeks). A survey invitation
email with the follow-up survey URL (and URL for the
report on the first survey) will go out to everyone
who responded to the first survey and provided their
email address. I may also send a reminder email late
in the response period to people who have not responded
to the follow-up survey.

Note that the survey report (which is linked to early
in the survey page) is still a draft. I have a few minor
tweaks to make before Friday.




* In the Privacy section, change "If you choose
  to provide your email address" to "If you choose
  to complete this survey". Why? Because supplying
  your email address is required for the survey.

* I think there's some way in SurveySolutions to
  make an answer required. If we can figure out
  how to do that for question 1 (the email address),
  we will do so.

* In question 2 (Document Signing), put Signing
  Contracts first. And change the parenthetical
  remark after Signing Electronic Forms from
  "(generally not legally binding)" to "(not contracts)".

* In the section titled "Using Points to Indicate
  Relative Importance" (before question 3), add a
  few more sentences to the start of the second
  paragraph, which now starts with "If you prefer".

  Add "Note that you are free to allocate the points
  as you see fit and there is no need to allocate points
  to each item, only to those you feel are important.
  For example all 10 points could be allocated to a
  single item if you feel that reflects the relative

* In question 7a, add an item named "Path Validation"
  after "Certificate Revocation". Then remove
  "Application-Server", "Application-Application", and
  "Application-Certificate" and replace them with
  "Protocols that Use PKI (such as SSL or S/MIME)" and
  "Unusual Certificate Contents". We will end up
  with the same number of answers to that question.

S/MIME Cryptographic Signature

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