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Subject: RE: [pki-tc] Draft Agenda for PKI TC F2F

Steve, my only comment on the agenda is that I hope we 
have enough people to break up into groups. If not, we 
may need to stay together and use the 10:30 - 2:45 slots 
to go through the top obstacles together. No need to 
review if no breakout groups, but will be more challenging 
to get through the material and produce meaningful results
for a number of obstacles.

As for the travel situation, I need to leave by 3:00 to 
catch my flight, but would hope that I am in the minority 
and the meeting will have enough people who don't need 
to leave early, to continue until 5 as scheduled. 


-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Hanna [mailto:steve.hanna@sun.com]
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2003 12:15 PM
Subject: [pki-tc] Draft Agenda for PKI TC F2F

Here is a draft agenda for our PKI TC F2F meeting,
September 19 in Herndon, Virginia. This is just a
first draft. Comments are welcome. Please bring
comments to our concall this Wednesday. If you
can't attend our concall, send comments to our
email list.

NOTE: At least one person has asked me if it would
be possible to end shortly after lunch, since they
would like to fly back on Friday afternoon. Yes, we
could end earlier, but I worry that we'd need to rush
through things.

If many people need to leave early, we should
schedule around that. But I'd rather get a full day's
work in. On the other hand, that will be hard on
people who have a long flight. I wouldn't want to
run a full day if we'd lose many people in the
late afternoon (just when decisions will be made and
action items given out).

Please send email to the mailing list saying what you
think about ending in the early afternoon. Mention
whether you would be able to stay until 5:00 PM.
We will also take a poll on our concall.




Draft Agenda for OASIS PKI TC Face to Face Meeting
Friday, September 19, 2003, Herndon, Virginia, USA
All Times Eastern U.S.

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM
   Agenda review, choose minute taker, other logistics

9:10 AM - 9:30 AM
   Review goals. What are we trying to accomplish?
   (at F2F and in PKI TC)

9:30 AM - 9:45 AM
   Review results of surveys (brief, since most should
   have read the reports beforehand). Discuss whether
   we think the survey results are on target.

9:45 AM - 10:15 AM
   Agree on top obstacles to be addressed

10:15 AM - 10:30 AM

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
   Break up into groups by obstacle to discuss how to
   address these obstacles, outlining an Action Plan for
   each obstacle

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
   Lunch, check email, etc.

1:00 PM - 2:45 PM
   Reconvene, report out, and discuss by group

2:45 PM - 3:00 PM

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM
   Any reconsiderations

3:15 PM - 4:30 PM
   Agree on:

 * who will write draft Action Plan
 * who we should ask to review, comment on, and/or endorse plan
   and/or join the PKI TC
 * who will contact them and how we will convince them to act
 * who must take action to execute plan and what action they must take
 * how we will convince them to do so
 * rollout, press, and marketing for plan

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
   Any Other Business

5:00 PM

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