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Subject: Summary of August 20 PKI TC meeting

Here's a quick summary of today's PKI TC meeting
for those who couldn't attend. John Sabo will
follow up with a complete set of minutes, but
I thought it might be helpful to have a quick



* We had 8 Voting Members on the call. That was
  enough for a quorum. Also 1 Prospective Member.

* We approved the July 16 minutes with minor corrections.

* We discussed logistics for our September 19 F2F.
  John Sabo will send information about hotels.
  Steve Hanna will poll PKI TC members to get a
  firm number of physical and telephone attendees.
  This is especially important since John has offered
  to supply a light breakfast and lunch for the physical
  attendees. Thanks, John! Of the folks on the call
  today, 5 will be there in person, 2 by phone, 1 by
  phone or in person (unsure), and 1 unable to attend.

* We agreed that we will run a full day meeting to take
  full advantage of our time together. We plan to start
  at 8:00 AM instead of 9:00 AM and run to 4:30 PM.
  We'll also plan a dinner together the night before
  and maybe some time to chat after the FPKITWG meeting
  (since that usually ends by 1:00 PM).

* We agreed that the draft agenda Steve Hanna sent out
  earlier looks pretty good. However, it would be good
  to have more time at the start to discuss and agree on
  goals and strategy for the TC and goals for the F2F.
  And it would be good to have a strawman on these topics
  before the meeting so we have something to get us thinking.
  Steve will send out such a strawman.

* Paul Evans will send around a URL for information on
  the U.S. Federal Government's latest approach to the
  Federal PKI and Identity.

* The PKI Member Section Steering Committee voted to hire
  a consultant to update the PKI MS web page on PKI resources.
  This person will ask the PKI TC for input.

* A proposal was submitted to the Feb 2004 RSA Conference
  for a presentation about the PKI TC's activities. Paul
  Evans suggested that we should also have a presentation
  at the PKI Research Workshop next spring.

* Terry Leahy will speak at the Asia PKI Forum September 15.
  She will talk about her experience with building an
  enterprise CA and bring back information for us about
  this group, which seems like a valuable ally.

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