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Subject: Strawman goals for PKI TC and F2F

As promised in my last email, here are some strawman
goals and strategy for the PKI TC and goals for our
September 30 face-to-face meeting.

Comments are most welcome!




Goals for the OASIS PKI Technical Committee

In order to further our mission to "address issues related
to the successful deployment of digital certificates" and
in recognition of the facts that PKI has significant benefits
but its deployment and usage are currently impeded by certain
substantial but not immovable obstacles, the OASIS PKI TC has
established the following goals:

1) Identify the primary obstacles to PKI deployment and usage

2) Lead an effort to address these obstacles

Strategy for Executing these Goals

The OASIS PKI TC recognizes that it cannot achieve either
of these goals alone. Instead, it plans to work with PKI
vendors, customers, standards groups, and other stakeholders
to identify obstacles and then develop, agree upon, and
execute an Action Plan for addressing those obstacles.

All these stakeholders share a common interest in easing
PKI deployment and usage, so we hope and expect that they
will all work together in agreeing on and executing the
Action Plan.


Goals for the PKI TC September 30, 2003 Face-to-Face Meeting

1) Agree on goals for the PKI TC

2) Review the results of our recent surveys and agree
   on the primary obstacles we plan to address

3) Agree on the broad outline and main points of a draft
   Action Plan for addressing those obstacles

4) Agree on a plan for working with PKI stakeholders to
   refine and build support for this Action Plan so that
   it can be executed successfully

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