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Subject: Confirming attendance for PKI TC F2F Sep 30

I want to confirm the list of attendees for the
OASIS PKI TC face-to-face meeting on Tuesday,
September 30, 2003. John Sabo needs to arrange
security badges, food, etc. for in-person attendees.

So please review this list promptly and let me
know by email if your status is not listed correctly.
If we can get more people to attend (in person or
by phone), that would be great! As you know, we'll
be talking about Goals for the TC and an Action Plan
to address the obstacles we have identified. This
is important stuff!




Attendance for September 30, 2003 Face-to-Face Meeting

Voting Members who have said they will attend in person:

Sharon Boeyen
Steve Hanna
June Leung
John Sabo
Ross Smith
Jeff Stapleton

Voting Members who have said they will attend by phone:

Peter Doyle
Jeremy Hilton

Voting Members who cannot attend:

Mark Lundin (will become a Voting Member September 27)
Ann Terwilliger

Voting Members whose attendance plans are unknown:

Hemant Adarkar
Paul Evans
Phil Fulchino
Terry Leahy
John Messing
Krishna Yellepeddy

Voting Members who are on a Leave of Absence:

Jean Pawluk

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