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Subject: Changes in PKI TC Membership

In addition to our long-time members, we now have
several new members of the OASIS PKI TC.

* Mark Lundin of KPMG and Phil Fulchino of RSA
  Security have moved from Prospective Member
  status to Voting Member status. Welcome, guys!

* Kefeng Chen of GeoTrust has just asked to join
  the PKI TC, so he's coming on as a Prospective
  Member. His probationary period will end on
  November 30, 2003. During that time, he will be
  coming to TC meetings and participating, but
  not yet able to vote. Welcome, Kefeng!

* Clifford Thompson (an Individual Member) and
  Hemant Adarkar of Infosys are no longer Voting
  Members of the TC.

* Jean Pawluk of Visa International returns today
  from a Leave of Absence. Welcome back, Jean!

That's the update on the ever-changing face of our
TC membership. As I mentioned in my last message on
this topic, I expect that we will get a lot of new
members in the next few months as we go public with
our draft Action Plan. Be prepared!



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