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Subject: [Fwd: Description of Messaging Forum meeting - Updated 3rd October]

The Open Group is meeting the week of October 20.  The Electronic
Messaging Forum has several activities that may be of relevance to our
efforts.  There may be an opening on their agenda that we could provide
a briefing and discussion of our survey and action plan.  

The Open Group was very cooperative in disseminating our survey
invitation.  I think we should look into the 'interoperability pledge'
activity they discuss in this communique.

I could contact Mike Lambert and inquire into securing an agenda spot if
the team thinks it would be useful in advancing our work.

--- Begin Message --- The next meeting of The Open Group Messaging Forum will take place as part of The Open Group's regular quarterly meeting at the Sheraton, Tyson's Corner (near Washington, DC).

The meeting will feature a number of special events:

Secure Messaging Liaison Meeting (Tuesday 21st October)

The demand for encryption of email is growing rapidly, to protect commercially sensitive information and to meet legal requirements for privacy. While individual vendor products are capable of supporting encryption, interoperability between products from different vendors has proved difficult to achieve. The Messaging Forum is working on the development of an Architecture for Secure Messaging and a Certification Program for Secure Messaging Gateway products.

As a signatory to the
Interoperability Pledge, The Open Group is committed to avoidance of duplication of activities. This session will bring together many of the groups working on Secure Messaging to compare activities.

The keynote address to this session will be given by Michael W Todd (US DoD Chief Information Officer) who will address the topic of Messaging in a NetCentric Environment.

Confirmed speakers include:
Other topics to be addressed (speakers still to be confirmed) include:

Mobile Messaging - Birds of a Feather Session (Tuesday 21st October)

Mobility is a major aspect of today's messaging systems. The Open Group's work on developing a Business Scenario for Unified Messaging has identified strong business needs relating to mobility, such as session persistence across service providers and bearers. The Open Groups' Mobile Management Forum has developed a Secure Mobile Architecture. This session will bring together people with an interest in Messaging, Security and Mobility to discuss:

The Spam Summit - (Wednesday 22nd October)

The growth of unsolicited email (Spam) is threatening to overwhelm email systems. Technical solutions which intercept Spam are emerging but raise a number of important questions: The whole day session will bring together many groups concerned about Spam to explore ways of addressing the problem, including Legislators, Large IT Users, Suppliers of Spam Filter technology and eMarketing companies.

Confirmed speakers include:
Although this session will not include any vendor product presentations, there will be a showcase featuring products to help manage Spam.

Instant Messaging - (Thursday 23rd October)

Instant Messaging is currently enjoying explosive growth and is being introduced into business environments outside of the control of existing corporate policies. Following up on a Birds of a Feather session in July, this session will start to explore issues of concern to enterprises, including: All of these events will be open to members and non-members.

All attendees are also invited to participate in:

This conference is designed to help today's organizations breakdown the stovepipes in their IT systems to enable integrated information to be accessed in a secure reliable and timely manner. In recognizing that no organization can afford to replace its legacy infrastructure, enterprise architecture has moved to center stage to address this challenge.
Attendees will share requirements and experiences of user organizations, understand the approaches being taken by suppliers, learn about the evolving industry standards and best practices, and network with leading practitioners and thought leaders.
Any other designated "Open" sessions during the week.

In addition, members of the Messaging Forum (and other representatives from their organizations) are entitled to participate in The Messaging Forum Strategy & Planning session (Thursday 23rd October)

Members of the Messaging Forum will review the outcome of the various sessions during the week and work carried out within the Forum during the previous 3 months in order to agree the forward work plan and how this should be modified to reflect market and technology developments. In addition to the topics addressed in depth during the week, this will also include a status report on the Secure Messaging Gateway Certification and Unified Messaging programs.

--- End Message ---

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