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Subject: Early Reviewers for PKI Action Plan

At our F2F meeting, we agreed to talk more on the email
list about these topics after we had agreed on a first
draft of the PKI Action Plan:

* who we should ask to review, comment on, and/or endorse
  the PKI Action Plan and/or join the PKI TC

* who will contact them and how we will convince them to act

Paul Evans has already signed up to talk to FPKITWG and
The Open Group's Messaging Forum. Way to go, Paul!

What other key stakeholders should we approach during the
next month (before we go public with the draft Action Plan)?

Here are some ideas. Please feel free to add on or comment.
For large groups (like IETF PKIX), we should probably just
communicate with their leaders or (if there's a critical
meeting in the next month) describe the high points of the
Action Plan with bullets but not show them a copy.

* major PKI vendors not represented on the TC already

  Microsoft, Netscape, any others?

* major PKI industry and standards groups

  Asia PKI Forum (leaders only for now), IETF PKIX WG (leaders
  only for now), any others?

* people who responded to our surveys

* groups and companies who forwarded our survey invitations

  PKI Research Workshop (leaders only for now), Internet 2
  Higher Education PKI Technical Advisory Group, FPKITWG
  (bullets only), ETSI, MCOMM, CEN, APEC eSTG, Radicchio
  Consortium, Government of Canada PKI Policy Management
  Authority Advisory Committee, ISSA (leaders only for now),
  Asia PKI Forum (leaders only for now)

* major application vendors and industry groups for
  documents/document signing, email, and electronic commerce

 document vendors: Microsoft, Sun, Corel, Adobe
 document groups:  OASIS Open Office XML Format TC,
                   W3C XForms WG, someone at ABA re contracts?
 email vendors:    Microsoft, Qualcomm, Netscape, IBM, Novell
 email groups:     IETF SMIME WG, The Open Group Messaging Forum,
 electronic commerce vendors: IBM, Sun, Microsoft
 electronic commerce groups:  OASIS ebXML Joint Committee, others?

* major PKI customers/users

  Johnson & Johnson, Government of Canada, U.S. Government,
  University of Houston, others?

I assume that those of us whose employers fall into one
of these categories (like IBM and Sun) will find the right
people within our organizations to review the PKI Action Plan.

What should we be asking these folks? I think we should ask
them for comments on the Action Plan and ask them to consider
joining the TC so they can help implement it. Maybe we should
also ask them to consider making a formal endorsement in February.

We should also ask them to not distribute the draft Action Plan
until we put it out for public review (in November). But I think
we should feel free to show these folks the draft Action Plan.
To make that easier, we should probably post it on our web site
without a link (like we have done with our survey results).

What do you think? OK? If so, please start signing up for
folks that you want to contact.



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