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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Early Reviewers for PKI Action Plan

I haven't heard from anyone else on this, so I'll start
signing up for people I'll contact. The HEPKI-TAG concall
is tomorrow. That's why I want to get moving on this.

> * major PKI vendors not represented on the TC already
>   Microsoft, Netscape, any others?

I'll take Netscape.

> * major PKI industry and standards groups
>   Asia PKI Forum (leaders only for now), IETF PKIX WG (leaders
>   only for now), any others?

I'll take the IETF PKIX WG leaders (Steve Kent and Tim Polk).

> * people who responded to our surveys

I'll send an email to these folks.

> * groups and companies who forwarded our survey invitations
>   PKI Research Workshop (leaders only for now), Internet 2
>   Higher Education PKI Technical Advisory Group, FPKITWG
>   (bullets only), ETSI, MCOMM, CEN, APEC eSTG, Radicchio
>   Consortium, Government of Canada PKI Policy Management
>   Authority Advisory Committee, ISSA (leaders only for now),
>   Asia PKI Forum (leaders only for now)

I'll take the Internet 2 HEPKI-TAG. I have also been
invited by Neal McBurnett to brief the PKI Labs and
PKI Research Workshop folks, so I'll handle that.

> * major application vendors and industry groups for
>   documents/document signing, email, and electronic commerce
>  document vendors: Microsoft, Sun, Corel, Adobe
>  document groups:  OASIS Open Office XML Format TC,
>                    W3C XForms WG, someone at ABA re contracts?
>  email vendors:    Microsoft, Qualcomm, Netscape, IBM, Novell
>  email groups:     IETF SMIME WG, The Open Group Messaging Forum,
>                    EEMA
>  electronic commerce vendors: IBM, Sun, Microsoft
>  electronic commerce groups:  OASIS ebXML Joint Committee, others?

I'll take Sun, the leaders of the IETF SMIME WG, and the
OASIS Open Office XML Format TC and OASIS ebXML Joint Committee.

> * major PKI customers/users
>   Johnson & Johnson, Government of Canada, U.S. Government,
>   University of Houston, others?

I'll take the University of Texas (not the University of Houston!)
and a few other folks I know. I expect that every PKI vendor
will want to brief their own customers and we all have contacts
at the U.S. Government, so we can all go for that brass ring. ;-)

I'll ask the OASIS folks to post our draft Action Plan on
our TC web site without a link so that we can easily point
people to it (although we'll try to keep this confidential).

Please forward comments to the PKI TC list. If people want
to submit their own comments online, they can use the button
labelled "Send a Comment" on our TC web page. John, I hope
we can get funding from the PKI MS SC for some web page
work soon. The TC's web page looks pretty bare!



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