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Subject: Re: Vote on date for next concall

Based on the responses I have seen so far, the date
with the most GOOD votes is Monday, October 20.
However, I have only heard from nine TC members
out of sixteen. And only five of them marked
that date GOOD so we might not have a quorum.

I invite any Voting Members who haven't already
responded to this email to do so within 24 hours.
Then I'll tally up the votes and we'll make a



P.S. I expect that our agenda for the concall will
be to discuss feedback on the draft PKI Action Plan
and agree when and how we should revise it and put it
out for public review.

Steve Hanna wrote:
> At Tuesday's face-to-face meeting, several people said
> that our normal October concall date (the third Wednesday
> of the month at 11:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time) wouldn't
> work for them. We also agreed that it would be best to
> delay our October meeting so that we can have more time
> to review the draft PKI Action Plan in private meetings
> with key PKI stakeholders. Then we can vote at our October
> meeting to send the plan for public review.
> So we need to select a date for our October concall.
> At our face-to-face meeting, several people favored
> the week of October 20. So I'll ask people to please
> send me an email and let me know which of these dates
> you prefer. You can indicate GOOD if you like the date,
> BAD if you don't like it, and MAYBE if it's possible
> but not great. In all cases, I'm suggesting 11:00 AM -
> 12:00 PM Eastern U.S. Time.
> Monday, October 20:
> Tuesday, October 21:
> Wednesday, October 22:
> Thursday, October 23:
> Friday, October 24:
> Thanks,
> Steve

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