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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] RE: PKI Action Plan 0.2

"Sabo, John T" wrote:
> Thanks...you've captured my points perfectly.  And I agree with
> "ambitious optimist" comment as well.  We don't have control over
> people's reactions to our words, and so I wanted the right tone and
> inference to come through.

Thanks, John. I agree with you completely. I'm glad
we're on the same page about this.

Since I'm scheduled to talk with the HEPKI-TAG this
afternoon, I worked on that list of questions a bit
more and came up with this:

Basic Questions:

* Is this draft PKI Action Plan ambitious enough?
* Is the plan too ambitious (not feasible)?
* Does it properly identify the most critical problems?
* Does it propose practical, but effective solutions?
* How could the plan be improved?
* Are you willing to help? If so, how?
* Will you sign on as a supporter of the plan?

More In-depth Questions:

* Who should be involved in executing the plan?
* How can we contact, motivate, and involve them?
* What is the relative importance of the action steps?
* What resources will be required to achieve the specific
  deliverables identified in the plan?
* Is there work already underway or planned that will
  address these issues?
* How should this plan be coordinated among all the
  relevant stakeholders?

Note that I added a question about whether people are
willing to sign on as a supporter of the plan. I'm not
sure that's the right word or exactly what I mean by it,
but I think it's important that we start gathering
support for the plan. To be successful, this must be
an industry-wide effort.

Do we have some folks in the TC who have experience with
building industry consensus around something like this
and moving it forward? I'm going to contact the folks
at Sun who worked on Liberty and similar projects and
get the advice (and maybe their help!). But I hope that
there are other folks in the TC that can help with this.

Other changes to the questions are most welcome. I'm going
to pass these on to the HEPKI-TAG, but we'll have dozens
of other briefings so we might as well hone the list of



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