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Subject: Quick Summary of today's PKI TC concall

Here are a few highlights from today's meeting
of the OASIS PKI Technical Committee:

1) We agreed to change our usual meeting time. We'll still
   meet on the third Wednesday of each month, but now we'll
   alternate between 11:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time and 12:00 PM
   (noon). This will be a bit more fair, alternating an
   inconvenience for Western U.S. participants (starting
   at 8:00 AM their time) with an inconvenience for U.K.
   participants (ending at 6:00 PM their time). Our next
   meeting will be:

   Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2003
   Time: 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern U.S. Time
   Concall # (the usual):

U.S.:     +1.888.827.2241 (toll-free)
Non-U.S.: +1.706.679.8701
Conference Code: 703-708-3037

2) We agreed that the Issues Subcommittee (set up earlier
   for another purpose) will now be rechartered to review
   feedback on the draft PKI Action Plan and send summaries
   and recommendations for changes to the PKI TC. The Issues
   SC's membership and email address will not change. Please
   send feedback on the Action Plan to this SC at

3) We discussed several of the comments received in the
   last few weeks. We agreed that I will make any changes
   that were agreed to and forward a revised draft Action Plan
   to the TC list for a brief review period. If there are no
   objections, this draft will be posted on the TC web site.

I expect that John Sabo and June Leung will provide more
complete minutes from the meeting soon, but I know that
John is travelling now so this may take a while. I'm going
to start acting on these decisions now, so I thought a
brief summary email to the list would be wise.



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