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Subject: Results of PKI TC Poll: YES

The voting in the PKI TC poll has ended for the question:

   Shall we move the PKI Action Plan to Public Review on
   November 1, 2003?

Of our 16 Voting Members, 9 voted Yes and 0 voted No.
Therefore, the result of the poll is Yes.

In light of this decision, I will ask OASIS to post our
latest draft PKI Action Plan (version 0.3) on our web site.
Once this has been done (probably Monday), I'll send email
to the TC notifying you and to a bunch of other mailing lists
asking people to review and comment on the draft Plan. I'll
also ask Dee Schur to put an announcement in the next issue
of the OASIS News. And I'll try to get an announcement put
on the TC and MS web pages.



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