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Subject: Ready to start work on Implementation Plans

I now have one volunteer to write an Implementation
Plan for each Action Item in our PKI Action Plan.
Here's the list of volunteers:

* Develop Application Guidelines for PKI Use

  Terry Leahy

* Increase Testing to Improve Interoperability

  Paul Evans

* Ask Application Vendors What They Need

  Steve Hanna

* Gather and Supplement Educational Materials on PKI

  June Leung

* Explore Ways to Lower Costs

  Ross Smith

I'm sure we would all welcome other volunteers
who want to help. But we're ready to get started
writing the Implementation Plans!

Later today, I will send out my first draft of the
Implementation Plan for the "Ask Application Vendors
What They Need" Action Item. Soon I hope we'll have
lots more Implementation Plans to review. Let's spend
our December 17 PKI TC meeting (and maybe our January 21
meeting, if needed) discussing and approving these plans.

Thanks again,


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