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Subject: Reminder and Agenda for tomorrow's PKI TC concall

As noted on our web site, we have a PKI TC concall tomorrow
(Wednesday, December 17) at 11:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time. The
concall number will be the same as usual:

U.S.: +1.888.827.2241 (toll-free)
Non-U.S.: +1.706.679.8701
Conference Code: 703-708-3037

Here is a draft agenda for the meeting. Please let
me know if you have any other agenda items. I will
send out draft minutes from the last meeting and
proposed changes to the PKI Action Plan (from the
Issues SC) in a few minutes.

11:00 Roll Call and choose Minute Taker
11:05 Correct and Approve Minutes of November 19 Meeting
11:10 Discuss and Approve Changes to PKI Action Plan
      Recommended by PKI Issues Subcommittee
11:30 Agree on Deadline for Comments on PKI Action Plan
11:40 Discuss Implementation of PKI Action Plan
11:55 Any Other Business
12:00 Adjourn



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