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Subject: Re: [pki-tc-comment] Interest and comment on the organisation ofa"security" oriented interoperability event in 2004 and including PKI,XadESand IPsec topics.

Thanks very much for supplying this information
to the OASIS PKI Technical Committee. I apologize
for the delay in my response caused by the holidays.

I'm glad to forward this information to the members
of the OASIS PKI Technical Committee. I hope that
PKI vendors and other relevant parties among our
members will consider participating in the security
Plugtests you are planning this spring. PKI TC members,
please pass this notice on to others who may want
to participate.

Interoperability testing is an important piece needed
to promote interoperation among PKI products and
between PKI products and PKI using software such
as digital signature and IPsec products. I praise
this effort and hope that it will become an ongoing
and regular event.

Will you publish the findings of your efforts?
Based on the results from the EEMA PKI Challenge
and the JKST-IWG interop, I expect that you will
find the relevant specifications not sufficiently
specific. We really must move to address this
problem. Please review the draft PKI Action Plan
published by the OASIS PKI Technical Committee at
and send us your comments.


Steve Hanna
Co-chair, OASIS PKI Technical Committee

Maeva Petitjean wrote:
> Dear all active parties in Security , PKI, (Xad) Elec.Sign. and IPsec,
> For those not aware of our activity note that the ETSI Interoperability service, called the Plugtests service, is organising interoperability events in a broad range of active technical areas. To date, the service has organised 40 interoperability events and has a plan to organise a minimum of 12 events per year (see more at www.etsi.org/plugtests .
> High market attention is paid today on the Security area and ETSI is involved through, amongst other the technical committee ESI (Electronic Signature and Infrastructure, see http://portal.etsi.org/esi/el-sign.asp )
> The Plugtests had a first experience in successfully organising on November 2003, the first XAdES (XML Advanced Electronic Signature) interoperability event. In parallel to XadES, many interests where expressed to consider interoperability events for PKI and IPsec. As these topics are inter-related, the idea came up to explore the organisation of an interoperability event in 2004 on the overall Security theme which would include the three active topics of (Xad)Electronic Signature, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and IPsec (IP secure).
> Please find the here enclosed working document inviting you to comment and express your interest to attend such event.
> We hope being able to plan the event around May-June 2004 . Idea for precise dates also welcome.
> Should be interested in such event, please send us and email or preferably register and discuss within the discussion list we set up for that and called PLUGTESTS-SECURITY. See how to subscribe/unsubscribe here below.
> please forward to any interest contact
> look forward hearing from you
>  <<security2004-v01.pdf>>
> best regards
> PhilippePhilippe COUSIN
> Interoperability Service Manager
> Tel: + 33 (0)4 92 94 4306
> Fax: +33 (0)4 92 38 5248
> <http://www.etsi.org/plugtests/>
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> 1- anybody want to subscribe to the list, should:
>         *       Send the following command: subscribe plugtests-security (First Name + Surname)
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>         *       To the following address: listserv@list.etsi.org
> 2- Thank you for noting that you will be able to unsubscribe from the plugtests-security mailing list any time:
>         *       By sending the following command: signoff plugtests-ebxml
>         Warning: The command must be written in the body of the email, not in the subject field!!!
>         *       To the following address: listserv@list.etsi.org
> 3- In addition:
>         *       You will find a user guide to listserv mailing lists at the following address: http://www.lsoft.com/manuals/1.8d/user/user.html
>         *       But in any case do not hesitate to contact us should you have any problem with the mailing list.
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S/MIME Cryptographic Signature

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