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Subject: Re: First draft of educational plan

Thanks for writing this up, June. I like
the content, but the schedule looks a bit
aggressive. Do you plan to do this yourself
or to have us start up a new subcommittee?
In either case, I'd be glad to see you
meet this schedule. But feel free to adjust
it so that it's doable.

Here are a few minor comments:

* When I came up with this format, I intended
  for the section titled "Text of Action Plan"
  to contain the actual text of the relevant
  Action Item from the PKI Action Plan. This
  may help us avoid mission creep.

* At the January TC meeting, we'll approve the
  Implementation Plan, I think. Not the Action



June Leung wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Here's my proposed educational materials plan. Your comments are welcome.
> Have a happy and safe holiday!
> thanks june
> June Leung
> PKI Department
> FundSERV Inc.
> 1730 130 King St W
> Toronto ON M5X 1E5
> T. 416.350.2516
> F. 416.362.6668
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