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Subject: Summary of today's PKI TC meeting

Official minutes from today's PKI TC meeting
will come up out soon, but I want to get a
quick summary out ASAP. Here's what we did:

1) Approved minutes from our December 15 meeting

2) Approved all dispositions for PKI Action Plan
   comments as recommended by the PKI Issues SC

3) Approved Implementation Plans for the four
   Action Items that didn't already have one

   We approved the drafts recently sent to the
   email list with only one amendment. The Lower
   Costs Implementation Plan was amended to say
   that the SC will develop a proposal for
   addressing the text in the Lower Costs Action
   Item pertaining to lower cost options.

4) Approved a Rollout Plan for the PKI Action Plan:

   ASAP, Steve will revise the PKI Action Plan to
   make the changes approved at our December and
   January meetings and add the Implementation
   Plans to an appendix. This revised version will
   be distributed to the PKI TC by email and approved
   at the next PKI TC meeting.

   Once this revised Action Plan is approved (or even
   before), all will seek volunteers to help with its
   implementation. These volunteers may include PKI TC
   Members, Observers, co-workers, friends, etc.

   ASAP, Steve will prepare a draft Statement of Support
   that individuals and members may use to indicate
   their support for the PKI Action Plan. This draft
   will be approved at the next PKI TC meeting and
   then the PKI TC members will work to gather

   A Publicity Subcommittee is now created, chartered
   with assisting the OASIS Public Relations staff with
   the rollout of the PKI Action Plan.

5) Replaced our February 18 meeting with a January 29
   meeting at 11:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time (or at another
   time if we can't get a quorum then).

6) Authorized Steve to schedule a face-to-face meeting
   of the PKI TC during the lunch break at the RSA
   Conference (February 23-27 in San Francisco).

What a busy meeting! Here's a round of applause for
our efficient and effective committee and to the many
volunteers who keep our group running!

I will soon send out email following up on today's
meeting (confirming the Jan 29 meeting, etc.).



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