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Subject: Draft email on PKI Action Plan Support

At our last PKI TC meeting, I promised to draft a
"Statement of Support" that people can use to
indicate their support for the PKI Action Plan.
I have since decided that's probably too formal.
We want to make it easy for people and organizations
to indicate their support. We don't want to have
something so formal that the lawyers get called in.

So I have drafted the following email. I'm thinking
this is something we could send to colleagues, to
our senior management, to key influencers in the
PKI world, and even to large email lists.

Please review this email. We will discuss it at
tomorrow's PKI TC meeting.



P.S. I hope that the room number for our reception
at the RSA conference will be settled soon. Then
we can add that information here. And I'll tell
you *all* about it tomorrow. At least, all that
is settled so far.


As you may know, the OASIS PKI Technical Committee
(PKI TC) is working to identify and address the primary
obstacles to PKI deployment and usage. Based on results
from surveys and dialog with PKI stakeholders, the PKI TC
has prepared a PKI Action Plan that lists the obstacles
identified through the surveys and proposes specific
actions to address them.

The PKI Action Plan is available for review from

Executing this PKI Action Plan will require the combined
efforts of many stakeholders: PKI customers, vendors,
standards bodies, and experts. Your help is needed!

If you support this plan, we would ask you to do the

1) Sign on as a supporter of the PKI Action Plan

   Send an email to pki-tc-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
   informing us that we can list you as a supporter in
   the PKI Action Plan. Organizational endorsements
   are especially valuable, but individual endorsements
   are also welcome. Please indicate exactly how you
   would like your endorsement to appear (e.g.,
   "Dr. Jeremiah Benton, CTO, Big Company, Inc.").

2) Join the PKI Technical Committee or a subcommittee
   working on a specific Action Item in the Plan

   We have formed several subcommittees to implement
   the five Action Items listed in the PKI Action Plan.
   If you would like to join one of these, please contact
   us by email at pki-tc-comment@lists.oasis-open.org

By signing on as an early supporter of the PKI Action
Plan, you will be visible as a leader in the computer
security industry. And of course you will benefit in
years to come as PKI becomes easier to use.

If you have any other comments, suggestions, or
ways in which you can help, feel free to contact us.

We plan to roll out the PKI Action Plan at the
RSA Conference this year. If you will be there,
please join us for a celebratory reception on
Wednesday, February 25, 2004 at 6:00 PM. Come
learn more about the PKI Action Plan and help
us celebrate its rollout. The room number for
our reception has not been settled yet. For this
information, please check our web site at
closer to the conference date.


The OASIS PKI Technical Committee

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