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Subject: RESPONSE REQUESTED: Choose date for F2F @ RSA

At our January 21 PKI TC meeting, we agreed to
hold a face-to-face meeting at the RSA conference
over lunch. It seems that there's a two hour
lunch period each day (12-2 Tuesday, 12:15-2:45
Wednesday, and 12:15-2 Thursday). At least,
that's what I have been able to find on the
confusing conference web site. If you know
otherwise or if you know of any substantial
conflicts, please tell me.

I will reserve a room at Sun's office near
the Moscone Center unless we decide to meet
elsewhere. I think the plan is that this would
be an informal lunch meeting, a chance for
us to get to know each other a little better.
We can also prepare for our Wednesday night
reception or talk about how it went, depending
on when we decide to lunch.

Voting Members, please send me email noting
which of these dates work for you. For each
date, enter one of these choices:


Tuesday, February 24: 
Wednesday, February 25: 
Thursday, February 26: 

For all three dates, we'd probably meet
12:30-1:30 PM PST or so. A speaker phone and
conference call line will be available for those
who can't attend in person. The business
section of the meeting will probably be
quite brief, but I suppose it's good to have
this posted as a normal TC meeting in case
we need to vote on something. As for the food,
I will arrange for sandwiches to be provided.
Please let me know if you have any special
dietary preferences.



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