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Subject: Plan for Gathering Supporters

I just uploaded to our web site a draft list of people
and organizations we should contact to ask for their
support on the PKI Action Plan. The URL is:


Just in case that URL is too long for you, I have included
a copy of the document below. But you should generally go
to our web site to find the latest version.

Please review and comment on the list, adding things
as you see fit. Then sign up for the people and/or
organizations that you are willing to approach and
let's go get some supporters!

I'm going to start now, since I already signed up
for five or ten groups. Wish me luck!




Gathering Supporters for the OASIS PKI TC's PKI Action Plan

We're ready to gather a list of supporters for the
OASIS PKI Technical Committee's PKI Action Plan.
Here's a list of influential individuals and
organizations within the PKI and security community.
The PKI TC members will sign up to contact these
folks and ask for their endorsement and aid.

Our focus here is on influential individuals and
organizations. We will include all the people who
responded to our surveys and gave us their email
address. We will also include all the organizations
who helped distribute our survey invitation. But
we will include others as well: customers, vendors,
standards groups, and all sorts of organizations
whose support will be needed to implement our plan.

This list will change over time as new people and
groups are added and then contacted. Send updates
to steve.hanna@sun.com. Steve will merge them into
this document and post updates on the TC web site.

1) PKI vendors

   Most of the PKI vendors are represented on the PKI TC
   either as Voting Members or as Observers. We'll ask
   these representatives to ask their management to
   approve endorsement of the PKI Action Plan.

   These contact people are: John Sabo from Computer Associates,
   Sharon Boeyen from Entrust, Kefeng Chen from GeoTrust,
   Krishna Yellepeddy from IBM, Phil Fulchino and David
   Skyberg from RSA, and Alex Deacon from Verisign.

   The biggest PKI vendors that aren't represented on the
   PKI TC are BeTrusted, Microsoft, and Netscape. Steve Hanna
   has decent contacts at each of those organizations. Does
   anyone else have good contacts there? If not, he'll
   proceed to ask them.

2) Send to all OASIS members

   We should get permission to include our request for
   support in the OASIS News, a biweekly newsletter that
   goes out to OASIS members and other interested parties.

   Somebody from the Publicity Subcommittee should sign
   up for this one and ask Dee Schur, who edits that

3) Send to PKI Research Workshop attendees

   Paul Evans got permission to do this last June when
   we sent out the survey invite. Paul, are you up for
   this again?

4) Send to the IETF PKIX working group mailing list

   Steve Hanna is active in this working group. He will
   ask permission from the chairs of the working group
   to forward the request for endorsement to their mailing

6) Send to Asia PKI Forum members and lists

   Jeremy Hilton handled this last June when we sent out
   the survey invite. He sent the invite to Riccardo
   Genghini, who forwarded it to the Asia PKI Forum.
   Jeremy, are you up for this again?

7) Send to Internet 2 Consortium members

   Steve Hanna will send the request for support to the
   Internet 2 Higher Education PKI Technical Advisory Group
   and encouraged them to forward it to other folks with
   PKI experience.

8) U.S. Government's Federal PKI Technical Working Group (FPKITWG)

   Paul Evans handled this last June when we sent out the
   survey invite. Paul, will you take care of this again?


   In June, Jeremy Hilton contacted them. Jeremy, would
   you do so again?

10) The Open Group

    Paul Evans handled the Open Group last June when we sent out the
    survey invite. Paul, will you take care of them again?

11) ETSI

    Jeremy Hilton handled ETSI ESI last time. OK with you, Jeremy?

    Phil Griffin handled MCOMM. Phil, are you still out there?


    Jeremy Hilton sent the invitation to Riccardo Genghini,
    who forwarded it to the CEN WS-ESign list. Jeremy, would
    you do this again?

13) APEC IS Security Standards Group

    Jeremy Hilton sent the invitation to someone who will
    forward it to the APEC eSTG. Jeremy, would you take this

14) Radicchio Consortium

    Hemant Adarkar handled this last time. I guess we need
    a new contact.

15) Government of Canada

    Ross Smith sent the survey invite to the Government of
    Canada PKI Policy Management Authority Advisory Committee
    and the Canadian Public Sector CIO Council. Ross, if you're
    around you can send the endorsement request around similarly.
    If Ross isn't around, he gave me a backup contact.

16) ISSA

    John Sabo arranged for the survey invitation to be forwarded
    to the officers and board members of the ISSA (Information
    Systems Security Association) for further distribution.
    John, can you do this with the endorsement request?

17) Survey Respondents

    Steve will send the endorsement request to all the survey
    respondents who gave us their email addresses.

18) Standards Groups

    I think we need volunteers for ISO/ITU and IEEE. The IETF
    is already covered above.

19) Application Vendors

    Here are some important names and people to contact them
    (where available): Adobe, Microsoft, Sun (Steve), QUALCOMM
    (Steve), Novell (Ximian, Steve). 

20) Operating System Vendors

    Apple, Sun (Steve), Microsoft, Red Hat, SuSE, IBM (Krishna?),

21) Hardware System Vendors

    IBM (Krishna?), HP, Sun (Steve), Dell

22) Networking Vendors

    Cisco, Nortel

23) PKI Customers

    U.S. Government, Government of Canada, U.K. Government
    Universities (Steve through Internet 2 Consortium)
    Johnson & Johnson, ISOC PKI Group (Steve)

24) PKI Customer Groups

    SIMC, The Open Group (Paul), ???

25) Consulting Firms, Auditors, and Systems Integrators

    BAH (Paul), KPMG (Mark), Accenture, Deloitte, Ernst & Young
    CygnaCom, Gemini, Orion Security

26) Researchers

    MITRE, BBN (Steve Hanna will ask Steve Kent)

27) Other big security vendors

    Certicom, Schlumberger, Symantec, McAfee, ActivCard
    Gemplus, nCipher, Netegrity, DigitalSignatureTrust (Identrus),

28) Analysts

    Burton Group, Yankee Group (Steve), Gartner Group, Forrester
    Meta Group, Giga Group, "Perus"?

29) Big names in PKI

    Diffie (Steve), Hellman, Rivest (Steve, unless someone
    else wants to volunteer), Shamir, Adleman, ...

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