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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Plan for Gathering Supporters

Steve Hanna wrote:
> Can someone else handle ETSI MCOMM, then?
> Maybe Jeremy Hilton? Or you, Olivier?

I'm not involved in MCOMM, but you can send a Liaison to ETSI MCOMM 

>>>18) Standards Groups
>>>    I think we need volunteers for ISO/ITU and IEEE. The IETF
>>>    is already covered above.
>>I could play the role of "Liaison Officer" with ITU-T SG17
>>(Lead Study Group on Security) and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC6, but I
>>cannot say I am "influential" in the PKI area :)
>>What kind of action are you expecting?
> I suppose it's not likely that either of these
> groups would officially endorse the PKI Action Plan,
> but it's worth asking. Certainly, I want to make
> sure that they are informed about the Plan and
> I'd welcome an endorsement from either their
> individual members or their employers. I'd also
> welcome any assistance they might offer.

The next ITU-T SG17 meeting is March 10-19. I think the best thing to do 
is for you to provide me with the Action Plan and any associated 
information (such as introductory text explaining the kind of action 
you're expecting from the ITU-T). I'll ask one of the SG17 co-Chairmen 
to submit the material as a Temporary Document (it cannot be a 
Contribution, for OASIS is not an ITU Member).
The TD will be an input to the relevant Questions, that is probably, Q.9 
(Hoyt's Question) and Q.10 (Security).

> I wonder if Sharon Boeyen can help here. I think
> she's seriously involved with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6/WG7,
> which is responsible for the X.509 standards. I'll
> ask Sharon. If she's not available, I will send an
> email myself to Hoyt Kesterson (rapporteur for the
> Directory Group). I think he knows me.

Hoyt would get the TD submitted to the next ITU-T SG17.

>>While waiting for your answer, I'm going to forward your email to the
>>ITU-T SG17 Counsellor.
> Thanks very much, Olivier. That's very useful.
> We'll count on you to be our contact with
> ITU-T SG17.

france telecom R&D

DTL/TAL - 22307 Lannion Cedex - France
t: +33 2 96 05 38 50 - f: +33 2 96 05 39 45 - http://asn1.elibel.tm.fr/

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