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Subject: List of PKI Action Plan Supporters Grows

Thanks to the many OASIS PKI TC members who
have added their names to the list of
supporters for the PKI Action Plan, forwarded
our request for support to others, etc. We now
have a list of 8 organizational supporters
and 23 individual supporters. That list is
below. I expect many more people to sign up
at the RSA Conference so I think we'll want
to put out a 1.1 version shortly after. But
this is plenty to show that the PKI Action Plan
has broad support from customers, vendors,
standards groups, industry luminaries, etc.

My sincere apologies to Phil Fulchino and
David Skyberg of RSA Security. When I sent
my email last Saturday, I said I was the
only PKI TC member listed as a supporter.
In my early morning haze, I failed to see
that both of them were already listed.
In fact, they were among the first to
put their names forward. Thanks, guys!

In a minute, I'll post the PKI Action Plan 1.0
to our web site and send you the URL. Then I'll
be off to pack and head out for the RSA Conference.

See you in San Francisco,



PKI Action Plan 1.0 Supporters List

Organizations (alphabetical)

Ascertia Limited
AssuredBytes Inc
Authora Inc.
Izecom BV
Paperless Chile
RSA Security Inc.
SETECS Corporation
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Individuals (alphabetical by last name)

Sharon Boeyen, Entrust Inc.
Kefeng Chen, Ph.D. CISSP
Dr. Whitfield Diffie, Sun Fellow, Chief Security Officer, Sun
Microsystems, Inc.
Joseph A. Doekbrijder, SwissSign AG
James Falkner, Enterprise Software Deployment Architect, Sun
Microsystems, Inc.
Philip Fulchino, Director of Product Management, RSA Security, Inc.
Per Hagero, CISA, Principal Product Manager, PortWise AB
Stephen Hanna, Senior Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Jeremy Hilton CEng
Russ Housley, IETF Security Area Director, Founder of Vigil Security,
Liaquat Khan, CTO, Ascertia Limited
June Leung
Lance Michalson, Michalsons Attorneys
Dr. Sead Muftic, President/CEO, SETECS Corporation
Bakul Patel, VP Engineering, AssuredBytes Inc.
Dr. Radia Perlman, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Jari Pirhonen, Information Security Manager & Security Consultant
   AtBusiness Communications Corp.
David Skyberg, Director of Engineering, RSA Security, Inc.
Ross Smith
Donald Teo
Pablo Vicuņa Tupper, Paperless Chile, CDO Founder
Tia Walker, CEO, Authora Inc.
David L. Wasley, IT Infrastructure Planner, Univ. of Calif, Office of
the President

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