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Subject: REMINDER: PKI TC meeting Wed Mar 17

Please remember that we have a PKI TC meeting
this week. We're finally getting back to our
usual meeting schedule after all the excitement
at the RSA Conference. Here's the info and a
draft agenda for the meeting.

Note that we have an item on our agenda to
elect a secretary. David Skyberg of RSA has
volunteered to serve in this role, taking
minutes for our meetings. Other volunteers
and nominations are, of course, welcome.
We can have up to two secretaries. Note also
that David sent draft minutes from our Jan 29
meeting to the TC list on Feb 5.



P.S. As a reminder, our usual meeting schedule
is the third Wednesday of the month with times
alternating between 11:00 AM Eastern U.S. Time
and noon to equalize inconvenience for European
and West Coast U.S. participants. All Voting
Members of the TC are required to attend two
of every three PKI TC meetings unless they're
on a Leave of Absence.


Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Time: Noon Eastern U.S. Time
Conference Call Number:

U.S.: +1.888.827.2241 (toll-free)
Non-U.S.: +1.706.679.8701
Conference Code: 703-708-3037

Draft Agenda:

12:00 Roll Call and Agenda Review
12:05 Elect Secretary
12:10 Correct and Approve Minutes of January 29 Meeting
12:15 Review Activities at RSA Conference
12:25 Approve Publication of Revised Action Plans
      with More Supporters
12:30 Discuss Implementation of PKI Action Plan
12:40 Any Other Business
12:50 Adjourn

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