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Subject: Update on ETSI Plugtests - Security Interoperability Event

PKI TC Members,

Here is an update on the Security Interop testing
event that ETSI is planning in May. For those with
PKI products, I encourage you to attend.




Dear all,

Since 15 years, the European Telecom Standards Institution,
ETSI, helps tackling these issues by organizing huge events
to which attend the whole profession. This independent and
non-profit organization is now organising a great
interoperability event based on security.

The event will take place from 24 till 28 May at the ETSI
premises, in Sophia Antipolis (France). Deadline to register
is 5th May.

All details about the event are to be found at

It will be a unique occasion for you to meet together in a
commercially secure environment, point up your interoperability
problems and build the future standards.

What's your opinion on this topic?

If you are interested, the first step is to accept to be included
in a mailing list. All information concerning the evolution of
the project will be send to its subscribers. To do it, you just
have to say me which email(s) you want to subscribe.

In some days, all the subscribers will begin to discuss about
theirs problems and the tests they want to do (or be done)
during the event.

Feel free to forward this email to as many people as you want
in order to have a really interesting test opportunity this week.

For any enquiry you may have, please write to plugtests@etsi.org.

Thanks for your attention. We look forward to welcoming you at
our Headquarters in May.

Best regards,

ETSI Consultant
Tel: +33 (0) 3 90 23 63 63


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