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Subject: Re: Volunteers for Implementing PKI Action Plan

If you follow my directions below for joining
a subcommittee (or even investigating them),
you'll be disappointed. You won't see any
subcommittees at all. But they show up for me!

This is a known bug in the KAVI that causes TC
subgroups to only be visible on the TC members
page for the TC chair (for all subgroups) and
for existing subgroup members (for the subgroups
where they participate). So I see all the
Subcommittees, but you don't. Oops! Thanks to
Art Botterell for reporting this problem to me.

To work around this problem and access the
Subcommittee web pages, use the All Groups page:


Go to that page, scroll down to "OASIS Public Key
Infrastructure TC", and you should see all the
subcommittees under that. Then you can investigate
and join them. Let me know if you have any problems.
Art says it worked for him.

Sorry about that,


Steve Hanna wrote:
> PKI TC Members and Observers,
> Here's your chance to make a real difference
> in our work. We have completed our PKI Action Plan.
> Dozens of organizations and individuals have
> signed on as supporters. Now it's time to
> start implementing the PKI Action Plan.
> How? We have created five subcommittees of
> the PKI Technical Committee to work on the
> five Action Items in the PKI Action Plan:
> Application Guidelines, Ask Vendors, Education,
> Lower Costs, and Testing. Each subcommittee has
> a clear Implementation Plan posted on the
> subcommittee's web page with concrete steps
> that will be followed to complete the Action
> Item addressed by that subcommittee.
> YOU can help by signing up for one of those
> five subcommittees and digging in to help
> implement our PKI Action Plan.
> Everyone in the TC should be able to help here.
> You don't have to be a Voting Member. No minimum
> attendance requirements apply. Just follow these
> easy steps:
> 1) Go to the main OASIS PKI TC members page at
>    http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/pki/index.php
> 2) Review the subcommittees listed at the bottom
>    left of the page (under Subgroups). Focus on
>    the implementation subcommittees: Application
>    Guidelines, Ask Vendors, Education, Lower Costs,
>    and Testing. The other SCs are mostly inactive now.
> 3) Decide which subcommittee(s) you want to join.
>    Go to that subcommittee's web page and click
>    on the "Join This Group" link just above the
>    Group Notes. Choose whether you want to be an
>    Observer or a Prospective Member. Submit your
>    request. Note that the 60 day waiting period
>    and other requirements for joining a TC don't
>    apply to subcommittees of a TC. They're run
>    more informally.
> 4) You will be added to the mailing list for the
>    subcommittee you joined. Start participating!
> Please join an SC (or several) soon. In the next
> few weeks, each SC will set its regular meeting
> schedule, meet at least once to review its
> implementation plan and revise as needed, and
> start implementation. By getting on board as
> this process gets under way, you will be fully
> involved and able to ensure that the SC meeting
> schedule works for you and the implementation
> plan makes sense to you.
> Working together, we can complete the PKI Action
> Plan, improving security and lowering costs for
> all of us. I look forward to working with you
> on this. If you have any questions, please let
> me know.
> Thanks,
> Steve Hanna
> Co-chair, OASIS PKI TC

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