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Subject: Changes in PKI TC Membership

Our little PKI TC has grown considerably in
the last few months (since we announced the
PKI Action Plan).

Several Prospective Members have graduated
to Voting Member status:

Paolo Bassanese, U.K. Office of the e-Envoy
Rob Cryan, CoreStreet
XiaoLi Dong, China Internet Network Information Center
John Killian, Booz Allen Hamilton
Steve Orrin, Sanctum, Inc.
David Wasley, University of California Office of the President

And several new Prospective Members have joined:

Art Botterell, Partnership for Public Warning
Shivangi Nadkarni, SafeScrypt
Ning Kong, China Internet Network Information Center
Jiafu Yu, Sterling Commerce

I'm sorry to say that our former chair, Terry Leahy,
has dropped off the Technical Committee due to
changes at Wells Fargo. I hope that she'll be able
to join us again at some point in the future.

Please join me in welcoming our newest PKI TC members!



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