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Subject: Updated presentation on PKI Action Plan, some I2MM news

I have posted a copy of a presentation I gave
on the PKI Action Plan at the PKI BOF at the
Internet 2 Members Meeting last week. Feel free
to use this, if you like. I adapted it from
Paul Evans' presentation to the FPKITWG last
fall, updating it to include the latest news.
The PDF version is available from this URL:


The Powerpoint version is available from this URL:


By the way, the response to the presentation
was quite positive. People agreed that we have
identified important problems and urged us to
continue working on them. I don't think we'll
get any new members from this presentation,
but it's always good to spread the word about
what we're doing. Here are some specific
comments that were made after the presentation:

* ERP applications like PeopleSoft are important
* Getting a certificate should be easier
* The CREN web site has a great intro to PKI

I'll investigate that last item and get it
to the Education Subcommittee.

I had lots of good discussions and attended some
really interesting sessions on PKI at the Internet 2
Members Meeting. I'll try to get a report out to
this email list in the next week or so.



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