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Subject: Several ballots coming

As you can see from the draft minutes of
our last PKI TC meeting, I took several
action items to conduct electronic voting
for several items. These are things that
we couldn't vote on at our April 21 meeting
because we didn't have a quorum.

* Shall we elect David Skyberg as Secretary?

I asked for other volunteers in an email on
March 16. Since none have come forward, let's
move to a vote.

* Shall we approve the March 17 minutes
   as submitted?

This could wait for the May meeting, but while
we're doing electronic voting we might as well
take care of it.

One other item has come up that needs voting:

* Shall we grant Sharon Boeyen a Leave of
   Absence from May 19 to July 2?

This would be Sharon's second Leave of Absence
in twelve months so it requires a vote of the TC.

I will post these ballots on the TC web site today.
You will receive an email about them. All Voting
Members of the TC can then go to the URL included
in the email and vote. A majority of the Voting
Members must participate for the elections to be
valid. At least, that's how I *think* it will work.
You never know with an automated system!



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