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Subject: [Fwd: OASIS Digital Signature Services TC announcement]

This announcement may be of interest to
members of the PKI TC.



The OASIS Digital Signature Services TC is developing techniques to support
the processing of digital signatures, including defining an interface for
requesting that a web service produce and/or verify a digital signature.

The TC has recently agreed two Committee Draft specifications:
- Digital Signature Service (DSS) Core Protocols, Elements and Bindings,
available at

- XML Timestamping DSS Profile, available at:


The DSS schema is available at:

Additional DSS profiles nearing completion for:
  - Asynchronous operation
  - Code signing
  - Entity seal
  - Electronic Post Mark (EPM)
  - German signature law
  - Policy wise operation
  - Web services security
  - XML Advanced Electronic Signature (XAdES)

Comments may be sent via the OASIS DSS web page:

Once the first set of profiles have been agreed as Committee Drafts, the TC
will be asking for a more formal public review of the full set of

Nick Pope & Juan Carlos Cruellas
   Co-Chairs OASIS Digital Signature Services TC

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