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Subject: Steve Hanna changing jobs

PKI TC folks,

I have decided to leave Sun and get a new job
at Funk Software. My last day at Sun will be
July 30. At Funk I will be a member of the
development team, enhancing the product line.

You're probably wondering how my change in jobs
will affect my activities in the PKI TC. I don't
know yet. Funk has some interest in PKI but I'll
probably be scaling back my efforts in this area
dramatically. That's my main regret in making this
change but it's a great job and I have to make a living!

For now, I will be glad to continue serving as
PKI TC chair. I believe that Funk will soon join
OASIS since they plan to be involved with SAML and
other OASIS standards. So I should be able to
continue participating in the PKI TC for some time.

Whatever happens to me, I know that the strong
team we have here will continue to press forward
with the PKI Action Plan. The plan is solid. Executing
it properly is important to the computer industry and
the security of the world as a whole.

Thanks for your patience as I navigate this
career transition. I will keep you posted.
If you need to reach me after I leave Sun,
my home email address is steve@hannas.com.
This should always work.

I know this may take a while to digest. Feel free
to contact me with any questions.



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