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Subject: Testing SC status report for August 2004

First, apologies for missing the Monday deadline - I now have it as a
repeat item on my organizer.

We have not made substantive progress since the last teleconference.
Mary McRae of OASIS was added to the subcommittee as an observer.

There is one issue that I have been trying to understand that I would
like to discuss that has direct impact on how we proceed forward.  The
issue is how we approach other standards bodies and associations and
establish working relationships.  Because the subcommittee is not tasked
to perform testing but to monitor and publicize others' efforts, we need
to set up something more than a casual relationship with those
organizations that have a fee-based membership structure.  I've read the
OASIS policies on establishing liaison relationships and understand that
it requires a fair amount of formal coordination within the OASIS

We would like some advise from the more experienced members if this is
how we should proceed or are there some alternative approaches?

Paul Evans

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