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pki-tc message

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Subject: [no subject]

We suggest that the Education SC post the ongoing efforts in the PKI
Forum Resource page since information will be divided in the 4
categories that match the PKI Action Plan.  A link in the Education SC
TC page will be pointing to this page.

Education SC update:
Thanks for some of the TC member's input, we were able to obtain more
info regarding ROI on PKI. (see attached)
We would like to know if there are TC members who have subscriptions to
the Burton Group, there are 2 position papers we would like someone to
review and let us know if there are any information that would benefit
our ROI analysis.

We also want to discuss with the Lower Costs subcommittee to explore the
benefits of ROI in lowering PKI costs.

Other Info:
I contacted the webmaster in Oasis, any modifications to the PKI Member
Section pages have to go through Oasis Web Master.
Any modifications to the TC page can be done by the TC chairs and
secretary.  The chairs of the subcommittees can also modify your own sub

thanks june

June Leung
Manager, PKI Department
FundSERV Inc.
1730 130 King St W
Toronto ON M5X 1E5
T. 416.350.2516
F. 416.362.6668=20

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