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Subject: Feedback report on "Applied PKI - Lesson 1"

Dear List;

A few days back I posted the following document:


I did immediately receive a number of (off-list) comments and one
was that the PDF did not show-up properly!  Pardon me.  This has
now been corrected....

However, although the solutions to the questions stated were as different
as they could be, they had one thing in common and that is that they
introduced with respect to FPKI, "alien" PKI objects such as SSL certificates.

The most FPKI conformant solution indeed managed to support "some kind
of" end-to-end encryption but not without reviving the "fat client" concept.
The latter is though contrary to the general IT-trend the last ten years.

All in all, it seems that a principally simple workflow application like the
one described, motivates further studies regarding what I would call FPKI V2.0.

Anders Rundgren
Senior PKI Architect

This is a private initiative, not to be associated with my employer

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