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Subject: Need volunteer for APKIF liaison

For some time now, we have been talking about
establishing a liaison with the Asia PKI Forum.
The PKI TC and PKI MS SC have both voted to do
so, but the matter has been tangled up in process.

I think we have finally agreed how to proceed.
The OASIS Administration is moving forward to
establish a formal Organizational Liaison with
APKIF but they are encouraging the PKI TC to also
establish a TC Liaison between the TC and APKIF.

Now we need a volunteer. If you are interested
in taking on this role, please let me know.

What will the TC Liaison do? You'll help the
PKI TC and the APKIF coordinate our activities.
You'll attend APKIF meetings, informing them
of our work and informing us of theirs. You may
find and suggest opportunities for collaboration
or cooperation. The PKI MS will pay for your travel.

An ideal candidate would be a PKI TC member in or
near Asia who has an interest in the work of the
APKIF or who is already a member of the APKIF.
If you don't meet some of these criteria (only a
PKI TC observer, not in or near Asia, etc.) but
you're still interested, that's OK. Please volunteer
anyway. We'll find a way to work out any issues.

Please let me know ASAP if you're interested,
even if you need management approval to say
for sure. I'd like to know who our likely
candidates are within a week or so. That way,
we can work out the logistics and vote to
appoint the liaison at our November PKI TC meeting.



P.S. For more details about the TC Liaison position, see

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