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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Definitive source for abbreviations used in certificateDN's

RFC 2253 is a good source for this. However,
there is no exhaustive list. People make up
their own abbreviations all too often, which
causes interoperability problems. Really,
they should use dotted decimal notation to
give the OID, but that's not user-friendly.



Arshad Noor wrote:

> Can someone please point me to a definitive source document, 
> that defines the official abbreviations used within X.509 digital 
> certificate DN's?   For instance, which specific document 
> specifies that the abbreviation S must be used for State, G (or 
> is it GN?) must be used for GivenName, SN for Surname, etc.  
> Thank you.
> Arshad Noor
> StrongAuth, Inc.
> P.S.  I have looked at ITU-T's X.520 (02/2001) document and while 
> it shows some abbreviations (CN, S, L, T, etc.) it does not elucidate 
> all of them.
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