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Subject: Re: [pki-tc] Call For Input -- Oasis PKI Resources Page

Stephen et al,

Education is indeed something which is needed for PKI to thrive (which is
our ultimate goal?).

I have myself done a number of contributions that are not "salesy" but challenge
the current PKI thinking[*] by claiming that PKI should preferably be adapted to
the needs of business processes and information systems instead of requiring total
system and process redesign.   In case the PKI-TC can accept such material, there
could be a section, "PKI Research Papers".

Business processes and PKI:

Anders Rundgren
PKI Architect etc.

*] There are currently no publicly available documents showing how an
enterprise type of PKI is intended to be applied to the most ubiquitous
business process of all, that is, "buying/selling stuff".  The papers above
indicate that this is not technically possible without breaking the implicit
security model of the enterprise PKI.  The consequences of such a change
are profound, but are mostly for the better.

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From: "Stephen Wilson" <swilson@lockstep.com.au>
To: <pki-tc@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 01:11
Subject: [pki-tc] Call For Input -- Oasis PKI Resources Page

Dear All

As you probably know, I am working with the Education SC to revamp the old
PKI Forum Resources Page (www.pkiforum.org/resources.html).

I am especially interested to include white papers, case studies and
similar materials.  In my opinion, such papers do *not* need to be totally
independent so long as they are of good quality and are not overtly
commercial.  That is, materials written by vendors is generally OK if it
is not too salesy.

In the next week or so, please send me any materials you think should be
included on the Resources page (preferably as links).  News about current
PKI related initiatives would also be excellent.

Finally any other comments on the old site would be appreciated too, so
that we can incorporate them into the new version.

Thanks in advance.  Cheers

Stephen Wilson.

Lockstep Consulting Pty Ltd
ABN 59 593 754 482

11 Minnesota Ave
Five Dock NSW 2046

P +61 (0)414 488 851


About Lockstep
Lockstep was established in early 2004 by noted authentication expert
Stephen Wilson, to provide independent advice and analysis on cyber
security policy, strategy, risk management, and identity management.
Lockstep is also developing unique new smartcard solutions to address
privacy and identity theft.
Contact swilson@lockstep.com.au.

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