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Subject: Updates for tomorrow's conference call

Updates from the Education Sub-committee:

1. Approval procedures to publish documents, work efforts on behalf of
the PKI TC:

1) 1st draft of the document email to PKI TC list and undergo a one
month comment period   
2a) If comments are provided during the one month period, the author has
the option to modify the documents based on the comments provided
2b) If there are no comments, it goes directly to a TC vote.
3) 2nd draft of the document is published and undergo a week of comment
period before it goes for the TC vote.

2. ROI paper:
Stephen forwarded me his final version of the ROI paper.  I will email
the document for review.
Oasis identified the need that they also require a template for
whitepapers.  We are working together  in selecting a designer.

3. New Design for the PKI Resource Page:

The designer provided a sample of the resource page (please see link
It might seem bland, but the frame and the left panel in the current
resource page remains.
I would like to the PKI to vote on this design.  The cost is $540 US for
3 working days.


Updates from the Steering Committee:

In the Oasis Board Meeting, I represented the PKI Steering Committee as
well as the PKI TC to report on our progress.  Board members are
concerned that we are not utilising our financial resources, we have a
$100,000.000 budget this year and we have used less than $10,000.00 as
of the end of 1st quarter.

The board understands that we are all volunteers and we all have time
constraints.  Since we have the financial resources, they suggested us
to utilize it.   

The Steering Committee had a discussion and we came up with 3 proposals.

1) Hiring an administrative staff to assist us in minutes, agendas, and
various administrative work.
2) Hiring a contractor to identify the existing Oasis TCs that use PKI.
3) Find out from sub-committee chairs if contractors can be hired to
assist in moving forward the PKI Action Plan. 

Proposals will be presented to the steering committee prior to June


June Leung, CISSP
PKI Department
FundSERV Inc.
1700 - 130 King Street West
Toronto ON 
M5X 1E5
T. 416.350.2516
F. 416.362.6668 

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