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Subject: [Fwd: Groups - oasis - Ballot "Approving new PKI TC publications"has closed]

We didn't reach quorum for this vote so it doesn't
count. I suggest that we go ahead and vote via
electronic ballot on any documents that need to be
approved. We can always revisit this matter the
next time we have quorum.

Folks, please VOTE when there's a ballot!



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Groups - oasis - Ballot "Approving new PKI TC publications" has 
Date: 26 May 2005 14:02:01 -0000
From: workgroup_mailer@lists.oasis-open.org
To: shanna@funk.com

OASIS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) TC member,

A ballot presented to OASIS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) TC has 
closed.  The text of this closed ballot is as follows:
"Approving new PKI TC publications"
Shall the PKI TC adopt the following approval policy for white papers, 
survey results, and similar TC publications and post this policy on our 
web site?

The OASIS PKI TC often creates white papers, survey results and similar 
TC publications. The PKI TC will use the following policy for approving 
them for publication.

1) The document editor advises the PKI TC that a review draft has been 
posted on the private TC web page and that a one month review period is 
starting. PKI TC members review and comment to the document editor.
2) The document editor examines the comments at the end of the review 
period and posts a revised draft on the private TC web site.
3) This revised draft goes through another week of comment period.
4) The PKI TC votes on whether to approve the document for publication.
5) If the PKI TC vote passes, the document is posted on the PKI TC 
public web page.

- Yes
- No


Quick Summary of Voting Results:
  - Yes received 6 Votes
  - No received 0 Votes

Voting results for all closed ballots are available on the pki eVote 
Archive at:

Thank you,
OASIS Open Administration

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