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Subject: Card discussions. Was: DHS RFI

<As Paul Evans said, the cell phone is not the ideal form factor for 
<building access control (not to mention that phones are banned in many 
<defence facilities!).

The cell phone is as you say a non ideal replacement for a "badge".

The function of a badge is to at a glance be able to recognize if the
person is authorized for being in the building.

> What's your basic objection to accomplishing both logical access 
>control and building access (photo id card) on the same device?

I believe I did gave some examples in my previous posting but
the core is that the card format and limited functionality is severely
handicapping the logical access part.

Anyway, PIV is a security initiative only.  A focus on "enablement"
and cost cutting, would had resulted in pretty different solutions
compared to PIV.  At least if the entire security architecture had
been taken in account.

In fact, PIV does not deliver much even when it comes to USER
security, as the PIV model will leave its users' high and dry if
they lose their card.  A good solution should be supported by
a global CA network.  Losing a credit-card is nothing compared
to losing a [well-utilized] PIV Y2010!


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