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Subject: FW: *Keynote Speech Invitation*--Asia PKI Forum 2005 Program-Taipei PKI Conf on Sep 15

Hi everyone,
I'm forwarding this message to the TC on behalf of Patrick Gannon.
Please advise if there is someone qualified and available to fly to Taipei to make this presentation If no one is available from the PKI MS or TC to present, an alternative would be to have someone(s) from the PKI MS/TC work with Dr. Patrick Chan in preparing slides that Dr. Patrick could deliver in Taipei on behalf of OASIS.

Patrick Gannon



From: Patrick Chan [mailto:patrick.chan@oasis-open.org]
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 6:16 AM
To: Carol Geyer; Jane Harnad; James Bryce Clark; Patrick Gannon
Cc: pim.vandereijk@oasis-open.org
Subject: FW: *Keynote Speech Invitation*--Asia PKI Forum 2005 Program-Taipei PKI Conf on Sep 15
Importance: High

Hi Patrick, James,
Is there any distinguished guest from OASIS chair that would like to present on behalf of
OASIS in Taipei ?
NIIEPA needs a response pretty urgently.
Dr.Patrick Chan
Asia-Pacific Representative
Mobile: +65 96288583
-----Original Message-----
From: Emilie S. TSAI ( NII ) [mailto:emilie@nii.org.tw]
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 5:11 PM
To: patrick.chan@oasis-open.org
Cc: Emilie S. TSAI ( NII ); Dennis Chang
Subject: *Keynote Speech Invitation*--Asia PKI Forum 2005 Program-Taipei PKI Conf on Sep 15
Importance: High

Dear Patrick,


This is Emilie Tsai from NIIEPA (National Information Infrastructure Enterprise Promotion Association) in Taiwan.  I am PKI international collaboration program manager in Taiwan and also Leader co-chair of Worldwide Collaboration Working Group in Asia PKI Forum.  (NIIEPA is also the Secretariat of Chinese Taipei PKI Forum and is one of the founding members of Asia PKI Forum.)


On behalf of Chinese Taipei PKI Forum and Asia PKI Forum, I would like to ask your big help to recommend an OASIS distinguished delegate to join our important meeting activity in Taipei this September.  The delegate will be our keynote speaker in the coming 2005 Taipei International PKI conference in Taipei on 15th Sep.  With the theme “Security in Ubiquitous Network Society”, the conference is an important part of Asia PKI Forum annual activities. 


We all know Japan’s vision and strategy for Ubiquitous Network Society is the best model for the other Asia countries especially for Taiwan to learn from.  Besides, in GBDe, Japan leads this important issue and inspire much meaningful dissuasion for the new era.  In light of OASIS’s leading edged position in information standards which drives the development, convergence, and adoption of e-business standards. We sincerely hope that OASIS could give us a keynote speech on the related topic (e.g. Advanced information security trend and policy recommendations for in U-Network Era).  We actually prefer a delegate who has insightful views on U-Japan or Ubiquitous Europe Network Society ( e.g. The European Vision, and IT Strategy in Ubiquitous Network Era)


We believe that OASIS’s speech will make the event well rounded.  We also apologize for the rushing process and schedule of this invitation.

Please find attached conference introduction and speaker information pack for OASIS your referral and the delegate’s consideration.  If you have any other question please contact me at any time via email or phone call. We look forward to having your reply soon.





Emilie S. Tsai

Chinese Taipei PKI Forum

NII Enterprise Promotion Association

Tel. +886-2-2508-2353 ext. 108

Fax. +886-2-2507-3507

Cell : +886-937-063-248

Email: emilie@nii.org.tw

Website: http://www.pki.org.tw/


050812, Speaker Info Pack-OASIS.pdf

050812, 2005 TPE PKI Conf Intro for OASIS.pdf

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